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Where Rustic Old West Hospitality Meets New West Luxury!

Platte River Fort was built in 2001, as a replica of historic Bent’s Fort in La Junta, Colorado. The original owners, Mike and Jan Ream, lived in part of the structure and used the remaining rooms and areas for educational purposes. Jan grew up near La Junta and had a lifelong dream to build and live in a fort. The Ream’s are passionate about Colorado history and love teaching today’s youth about history. They continue to be involved with the Platte River Fort and continue to donate their time to help educate school groups that visit the Platte River Fort.

In 2013, the current owners, Dori DeJong and Elaine Carleton, purchased the property. Dori grew up on a dairy farm directly south of where the Platte River Fort is located. She still owns part of the family farm just to the east of the fort property. That property has been in her family for decades.

Dori is a retired divorce attorney and had a dream to build a camp in the country for kids whose families are going through divorce. Dori believed it would be healing for kids to be removed from the often tense and difficult situation, even if for only a brief period of time. She also wanted urban kids to experience what life is like living on a working ranch/farm. When the Ream’s learned about Dori’s plans for a kid’s camp, a collaboration formed and the dream expanded.

Two years later, in March of 2015, Platte River Fort opened its doors! After two years of remodeling and the addition of six bathrooms, four suites, three bedrooms, three bunkrooms, the addition of a dining room that seats fifty and a world class, one of a kind gourmet kitchen they were finally ready to provide once in a lifetime experiences to their guests!

Historical Bent’s Fort was built in 1834 along the Arkansas River. It was a haven for army troops, western settlers and traders making the trek along the Santa Fe Trail from St. Louis to New Mexico.

One visitor to Bent’s Fort in 1835 described his experience of viewing the fort for the first time like this:

“The dwellings, the kitchens, the arrangements for comfort are all such as to strike the wanderer with the liveliest surprise, as though an “air built castle” had dropped to earth before him in the midst of the vast desert…we were indebted for several days of courteous and really delightful entertainment.”

And here we are, 180 years later hoping to provide our guests with the same “liveliest surprise” by providing a once in a lifetime experience! Relax, enjoy and dream of those that came before you and envision those that will come after you!